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A kit for each scenario

We believe the products you need the most should make a true difference in your wellbeing and be available right away when the situation calls for it. We obsessively researched and chose the right things you would need and composed some thoughtfully kits for specific moments of your life, delivered instantly to you!


When it comes to last minute items, often you find yourself in a situation running to a store, only to be bombarded with options. Once you reach the aisle, you are confronted with deciding which items will best serve your needs. Then selecting the item requires purchasing a set of multiples of a single product, that doesn’t entirely solve your needs.


chose solves those last minute problems by offering a well-considered kit of items tailored to every scenario. Each chose kit is a solution for a situation, containing 5 related products at the cost of one in store. Through our network of service apps, we add the convenience to convenience products by delivering these items to your door.

Browse our seasonal kits and come back for new additions every week.

Our concept

chose est une gamme de kits qui propose une solution clef en main à des situations de dernière minute du quotidien. Chaque kit est composé de produits rigoureusement sélectionnés répondant à un besoin spécifique.

Our target

chose cible un public de consommateurs avertis et curieux, sensibles à l’esthétique et à l’image de marque, adepte des réseaux sociaux. Le client est urbain, habitué à un style de vie intense et cherche des solutions pratiques, rapides et efficaces à ses attentes.

Our promise

Notre promesse est d’offrir une expérience complète et réussie sous sa forme la plus simple, de façon immédiate, le tout avec une marque agréable et moderne. Notre engagement sur la qualité et l’image s’étend de nos produits aux marques choisies.

The delivery

chose s’appuie sur l’expertise de logistique et de livraison de Cloud Retail, division de la société Cloud Kitchens. Nos kits sont ainsi disponibles 24/7 sur les applications mobiles de food delivery.

chose is a lifestyle brand tailored to the last minute needs of consumers. Our kits are tailored to activities. Had a big night out? Order the hangover kit. Going on a date? Order the sex (intimacy) kit. Heading to a spin class? Get the workout kit. Have a big workday ahead? Get the energy kit. We select the best performing products and curate it into one package.

Distribution strategy
We focus on last minute distribution. We partner with like-minded delivery restaurants and offer it as add-ons for last minute delivery with a meal. We also want to partner with hotels, airlines, and other on-the-go locations for offline last minute needs.

Different (more honest) way to pitch
As the world turns more and more to delivery for their last minute needs, we are re-imagining how consumers will want to purchase and consume last minute non-food convenience items in an on-demand world. We offer well packaged, one-time use convenience solutions optimized for delivery.